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The very first famous Halberstaedter sausages were produced on November 25, 1883 in Halberstadt, Germany by its founder Friedrich Heine. Focusing primarily on its quality, the sausages were so well-received that it was later known locally as the “Halberstadt sausage”.

True to its tradition, Halberstaedter offers traditional and unique production with the patented chimney beechwood smoking process along with the finest ingredients & meat to produce pure, honest products with strong taste in the best quality.

As a testament to its commitment to quality – Since 1913, Halberstaedter products are regularly awarded with the DLG gold medal award.

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Halberstaedter 6 Premium Sausages

Focused on uncompromising quality and utilizing only the best meat & ingredients, Halberstaedter sausages are beechwood smoked through the traditional, unique and patented chimney process above open fire. It is then allowed to mature between 24 to 36 hours. Giving Halberstaedter sausages its marvelous aromatic, smoky and tasty flavour.

Premium German-Quality since 1883.
Gluten & Lactose Free.

For best taste experience: Heat sausages in hot water (70°C) for approximately 7 minutes. Do not boil water!

Halberstaedter Premium Pork Luncheon Meat

Uncompromising quality with only the best quality meat & ingredients used to produce Halberstaedter premium pork luncheon meat. Special seasoning is prepared according to traditional recipes from finest spices to give Halberstaedter luncheon meat its unmistakably tasty flavour.

Premium German-Quality since 1883.
Gluten & Lactose Free.

Halberstaedter 6 Premium Sausages 12 x 680g
Halberstaedter Premium Pork Luncheon Meat 12 x 300g

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