Teekanne Herbal Tea

Tea manufacturers & purveyors since 1882, Teekanne is one of the world’s leading fruit and herbal tea market and an expert in fine, all-natural herbal tea blends that help you embody a healthy lifestyle.

Its Herbal Wellness Tea line contains 100% all-natural ingredients, blended perfectly to bring flavour and function to your tea drinking experience.

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Teekanne Herbal Tea

100% PURE. The peppermint tea leaves impart a distinctive and refreshing flavour.


100% PURE. Made exclusively with top-quality fennel, the high amount of essential oils give the fennel seeds their soothing properties.

Camomile Flowers

100% PURE. A delightful and relaxing infusion with a delicate unique flowery taste.
Camomile is known for its soothing properties and loved for its delicate flavour.

Ginger Lemon

100% PURE. A lively herbal blend of spicy ginger with refreshing lemongrass and lemon. A hint of lemon myrtle rounds up this all-natural, caffeine-free blend giving it an extraordinary and vitalizing taste.

Rosehip & Hibiscus Flowers

100% ALL-NATURAL. A pleasant combination of the Rosehip & Hibiscus Flowers, giving this healthy thirst-quenching drink an aromatic flavour.

Premium Fruit Selection

100% ALL-NATURAL. A healthy thirst-quenching drink with a fruity flavour.

Multivitamin + 10 Vitamins & Calcium

Fine fruit tea blend with 10 vitamins & calcium.

Finest Rooibos Vanilla

Mild aromatic Rooibos tea from South Africa, naturally
caffeine-free and relaxing.

Turkish Apple

Go on a journey into the fascinating world of Turkey. Turkey, situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, between Asia and Europe, is famous among travellers for its hospitality. The taste of this fruit infusion is as extraordinary as the country itself – sweet and fruity at the same time. Indulge yourself with this special combination of fruity apple and sweet fig flavour.

All natural and caffeine free, Teekanne Turkish Apple offers a fruity-sweet delight.

Spanish Orange

Experience the Mediterranean zest for life and get carried away by the famous Spanish temperament. Enjoy the sweet taste of sun-ripened oranges that is rounded off with the delicious flavour of juicy peaches. The taste of this fruit infusion is as exciting as the country – fruity and Mediterranean at the same time. Indulge yourself with Teekanne Spanish Orange throughout the whole day – not only during siesta.

All natural, caffeine free and made with real fruit juice, Teekanne Spanish Orange offers the fruity-sweet Mediterranean delight tea.

Teekanne Wellness Tea

TEEKANNE Harmony for Body & Soul herbal infusions are specifically designed in response of the consumer’s need for modern beverages combining both taste and function. These teas allow consumers to hydrate responsibly and to reward themselves with a pleasurable drinking experience.

Stomach Smoother

A herbal tea blend specifically blended to give your digestive system an all-natural relief. Contains rooibos, camomile, aniseed, fennel, spearmint and other carefully selected herbs and spices.


Teekanne GreenTea

TEEKANNE’s Green Tea supports the body with valuable minerals during the entire day. This Green Tea is available as either a classic blend or lightly enhanced with all-natural fruit flavours.

Finest Green Tea Selection

Delicately flavoured green tea blend from China.

Green Tea with Strawberry-Lemongrass Flavour

Delicious green tea blend with the natural fruity and refreshing flavour of strawberries and lemongrass. It can be enjoyed hot or iced.

Green Tea with Ginger-Orange Flavour

Energising blend of classic green tea imbued with sweet and refreshing orange and spicy ginger, giving an invigorating taste sensation. Try it iced and savour summer refreshment any time of the year.

Teekanne Black Tea

TEEKANNE’s Black Tea is ideally suited for breakfast or for conference breaks. The caffine in the black tea has a simulating effect on you and your guests.

Premium Darjeeling Selection

Flowery tea blend from the highland gardens of Darjeeling.

Premium English Breakfast Selection

Classic tea blend, full-bodied and aromatic.

Premium Earl Grey Selection

Classic tea blend with natural Bergamot oil.

Teekanne Herbal Tea Range 10 boxes x 20 tea-bags
Teekanne Wellness Tea Range 10 boxes x 20 tea-bags
Teekanne Green Tea Range 10 boxes x 20 tea-bags
Teekanne Black Tea Range 10 boxes x 20 tea-bags

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